120-year “Tai O Heritage” Snap-it Competition

Winner Announcement

Thanks to enthusiastic responses, we are delighted to have received over 1,000 entries to our 120-year “Tai O Heritage” Snap-it Competition. Our panel of judges have reviewed and selected winners of both categories – Tai O Heritage Hotel 10th Anniversary and 120 Years of Tai O Heritage. Winners will be notified individually.


” Invitation to capture images that convey the soul and spirit of Tai O

The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Tai O Heritage Hotel and 120th anniversary of Old Tai O Police Station, the Grade II Historic Building that the hotel calls home. Right from the hotel’s very beginning in 2012, we have set our sights on preserving Tai O heritage, enhancing the community and continuing revitalisation of the village. We celebrate the milestones we have accomplished over the past 10 years and also remain committed to showcasing the unique charm of Tai O Fishing Village.

Submission Category

Tai O Heritage Hotel 10th Anniversary

Revitalised from the Old Tai O Police Station to become the first UNESCO-awarded hotel in Hong Kong, Tai O Heritage Hotel celebrates an irreplaceable history through design, architecture, location, atmosphere, and spirit.

120 Years of Tai O Heritage

By preserving the community, history, architecture and the unblemished charm of rustic life of Tai O Fishing Village, we all not only inherit the past but play a role in continuing a legacy of unique culture, traditions and industries.


Participants must be aged 18 or above and holders of a valid HKID card.


The 10 best photos will be selected from both the “Tai O Heritage Hotel 10th Anniversary” and “120 Years of Tai O Heritage” categories (total of 20 prizes) Each winner will receive a “Ultimate Tai O Experience Package”.  Winning entries will be exhibited at the Tai O Heritage Hotel.

The “Ultimate Tai O Experience Package” includes:

  • One-night accommodation in a room for two
  • Round-trip car transfer to Tai O from choice of any pick-up location
  • Round-trip boat transfer between Tai O Heritage Hotel and Tai O Fishing Village#
  • One breakfast and one set dinner for two with a bottle of wine at Tai O Lookout
  • An exclusive Tai O Heritage Hotel souvenir^

# Jet boat service included in this package is scheduled to depart from fishing village to hotel at 3 pm & 4 pm on the day of residence, and from hotel to fishing village at 1 pm the next day, subject to weather condition
^ Available while stock lasts

Entry Period

From 11 June 2022 to 31 August 2022, 23:59:59 (HKT)


23 September 2022

Judging Criteria

  1. Creativity
  2. Overall Composition
  3. Photography Skills
  4. Message & Expression

Our Judges

A five-person judging panel comprising of representatives from the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation, Commissioner for Heritage’s Office and Tai O Community:

  • Mr. Daryl Ng, SBS, JP, Director of the Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation
  • Ms. Nikki Ng, Director of The Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation
  • Mr. Randy Yu Hon-kwan, MH, JP, Chairman of Islands District Council
  • Mr. Ho Siu-kei, Chairman of Tai O Rural Committee
  • Mr. Stanley Wong Chi-chuen, Chairman of Tai O Cultural Association Limited

Terms and Conditions

On submitting an entry form to Hong Kong Heritage Conservation Foundation (“the Organiser”) for the 120-year “Tai O Heritage” Snap-It Competition (“the Competition”), the Contestants are deemed to have read, accepted and agreed to abide by the relevant rules of the Competition, including the Terms and Conditions, Image Upload Arrangement, Image File Requirements, Enrollment Procedures and any other rules and terms which the Organiser shall announce within the competition period (collectively as “Regulations”).

1. All photo entries must be original and taken in Tai O.

2. Destroying buildings, or engaging animals by unscrupulous means like baiting and capturing, would be disqualified.

3. All entries submitted for this Competition will not be returned.

4. Employees of the Organiser, judges, and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

Format of Entries:

1. Each  Contestant must submit digital files in JPEG or TIFF format.

2. All digital files must be 10 MB or smaller and must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a landscape image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a portrait image).

3. Only minor burning, dodging, color correction and/or cropping is acceptable. Any changes to the original photograph not mentioned here, including digitally adding or removing anything, and changing the color of the photograph, are unacceptable.

4. Watermarks are not accepted.

5. Once the entries are selected, the original photographic digital files (JPEG, TIFF or RAW files) and the untouched EXIF ​​data^^ will be requested. Contestants who fail to submit original files upon request will be disqualified.

^^EXIF stands for “Exchangeable image file format”, which is the information about how a photograph is taken, such as camera model, aperture and shutter speed. It is attached to JPEG, TIFF and other file formats. In Windows system, right click a photo and select properties to access the EXIF ​​information. For Mac, preview the photo and press “Command+I” to access the information.

Copyright of Photo Entries:

1.   Contestants declare and warrant that the  Entries are his/her/its team member’s original work. Contestants warrant and guarantee that they and their team members had not, have not and/or will not give the above license to any third party.

2.   By submitting an Entry to the Competition, Contestants have given and shall procure their members to give an irrevocable perpetual non-exclusive license to the Organiser to use, edit, modify, reproduce, publish and/or disseminate the submitted Entry for any purposes, including but not limited to advertising and educational purposes by any means that the Organiser thinks fit, without prior notice or consent to the Contestants.

3.   Contestants warrant and guarantee that they are the sole owner of all copyrights of the Entry and to the best of their knowledge that no complaint or claim shall be arisen from any third party in respect of such Entry.

4.   Contestants declare the Entry does not/Entries do not:

a.   infringe or violate, or involving elements that infringe or violate applicable law and regulations, including but not limited to crimes, violence, obscenity, indecency, libel, defamation, privacy invasion, or threatening;

b.   infringe or violate any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patent, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or other proprietary rights, held by any third party, regardless whether such rights are known to the Contestants;

c.   contain any confidential information of any third party;

d.   contain an individual or group of persons, who does not give consent to take such pictures;

e.   contain viruses, corrupted files, or other materials that may cause damage to another’s computer;


f.    advertise or otherwise solicits funds or sales of goods or services.

5.   If an Entry submitted by the Contestant infringes or violates any third party’s rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, and/or any legislation, law or regulation, the Organiser will not be responsible for any consequences.

6.   When the Organiser suffers from any claim or investigations conducted by any competent authorities, by reason of any right allegedly subsist in the Entry or infringement of the same, Contestant agrees to hold the Organiser harmless and to indemnify the Organiser in full for any direct or indirect loss and damage, economic loss, loss of reputation and/or any consequential loss and damage or otherwise, together with any expenses, costs and further loss and damage suffered and incurred by the Organiser as a result of such claims and investigations.

Personal Data:

1.   The personal data provided and collected will be used by the Organiser for one or more of the following purposes:

For creation, processing and maintenance of the Contestants’ enrollment records, the administration and monitoring of the Competition, publication, printing, exhibition, display, promotion, issue or other purposes as the Organiser deem appropriate in connection with the Entry submitted by the Contestant for the Competition.

2.   Contestants have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data under sections 18 and 22 and principle 6, schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486).


The Organiser reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to disqualify or exclude any person from the Competition who:

a.   gives incorrect or incomplete personal information during enrollment and/or in the Competition;

b.   breaches the Regulations and Terms and Conditions;

c.   engages in any unlawful or other improper misconduct; or

d.   the Organiser reasonably believes to have committed any of the above.


The Organiser will have the sole and absolute right to cancel, adjourn or change any details including the date and venue of the Competition without prior notice to any parties.

The Organiser reserves the right to amend, delete, supplement and interpret the Regulations from time to time, and to adjudicate any dispute arising from the Competition. A decision of the Organiser will be final and binding on all Contestants.

In case of any inconsistency between the English version and Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.